About Us

American Conex is owned and operated by Mr William Scola. Will traded used shipping containers as a small but slowly growing business for many years. During the early years Will focused on Developing business relationships with international shipping lines and he also focused on the customer experience. His small business originated in San Diego, CA with Will working from a one-room office while delivering to customers state wide. Eventually as demand grew, Will hired office staff to assist with sales, then more drivers as the company growth continued. 

Today American Conex serves customers in the contiguous United States, serving 48 states from a network of over a hundred depots. The company is no longer a small business, but is operated with the same principles with customer service and quality products being our key focus. 

Meet The American Conex Team

Will Scola

Will’s extensive business experience provided a foundation for building American Conex into a national company. Will, who is originally from San Diego, CA, enjoys a range of outdoor activities, but spends most of his time overseeing the business operation.

Greg Temple
General Manager

Greg keeps the entire company running smoothly by managing our sales, logistics and accounting teams. Greg, who is Ohio based has a broad range of skills and experience. He is also a customer service specialist.

Tony Hayes
Logistics Manager

Tony orchestrates the harmonious functioning of our marketing, human resources, and product development teams. Based in California, Tony brings a diverse set of skills and expertise to the table. He is also a champion in employee engagement and motivation.

Raj Kumar Profile Pic

Rajesh Kumar
Lead Developer

As a digital enterprise, our triumph hinges on technological advancements. Raj’s enthusiasm for website creation, paired with his wide-ranging expertise in multiple web applications, ensures that American Conex remains at the forefront of the industry.

Peter Miller
Head Of Sales

Peter brings a wealth of over four decades of sales expertise to our team. Originally from Denver, he now resides and operates from Florida. His extensive understanding of shipping containers will guide you in selecting the unit that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Raul Martinez profile picture

Raul Martinez
sales manager

Raul possesses a comprehensive experience in the realm of logistics and supply chain management. Though he is a recent addition to our sales team, his eagerness and proficiency are commendable. Raul is fully prepared to support you with your shipping container requirements.

Kathy Johnson
Operations Manager

Kathy is known for her strategic problem-solving skills, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to streamline processes for efficiency. Her leadership style fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging her team to continuously improve and innovate

tim davis profile pic

Tim Davis
Purchasing Manager

Walt manages our corporate sales accounts and specialises in bulk order purchases and fulfilment of large shipping container contracts. He also has experience setting up storage container facilities throughout North America. Contact Walter for your bulk purchase needs.

David Moore
Sales Manager

David is a seasoned sales executive with over ten years of experience in the competitive landscape of sales. He joined our company in 2019 and has since proven himself as a valuable asset to our team, consistently surpassing sales targets and building long-term relationships with key clients.

Stanley Deakin
sales manager

Stan’s education, combined with his natural interpersonal skills, has allowed him to excel in his role. Stanley is based in San Francisco and he’s dedicated to providing a high level of customer service to shipping container buyers both local and nationwide.

clint profile picture

Clint Walker
Customer Support

Prior to joining our company, Clint worked for four years at a renowned tech firm in Silicon Valley where he honed his skills in customer service. His expertise lies in problem-solving, communication, and building strong relationships with our customers and logistics partners.

scott harris profile pic

Scott Harris
Customer Support

Scott is well-versed in multiple CRM systems and has a knack for quickly understanding and adapting to new technology. He possesses excellent interpersonal skills and is known for his empathetic approach towards customers.

Jennifer Romero Profile Pic

Jennifer Romero
Financial controller

Jennifer, our accomplished Financial Controller, has been with our company for five years. Originally from New York City, Jane holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Columbia University.

Adam Campbell

Adam has played a pivotal role in improving our supply chain efficiency, leading to substantial cost savings and improved delivery times. His military background and approach to process improvement earned him the “Innovator of the Year” award within our company last year.

markus chen

Markus Chen
Import/Export Manager

Markus holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Washington. His position sees him overseeing international trade regulations, customs documentation, tariff classifications and managing relationships with freight forwarders.

we're hiring
company wide

As American Conex continues to grow we’re always looking for quality people to join our team of professionals. Send a resume to support [at] americanconex.com