How many days after I place my container order will it be delivered?

The typical delivery time for items currently in stock at our depot ranges from 3 to 7 business days. If you require faster delivery, we’ll make every effort to assist you. To ensure a smooth truck delivery schedule, we recommend purchasing your container as early as possible. Please note that the delivery timeframe for reserved inbound stock may vary due to possible shipment delays.

Please review our comprehensive delivery guidelines listed under the BUYERS GUIDE tab (Located under the top Right drop down menu).

We recommend a minimum 60 feet of straight-line clearance for a 20FT shipping container. You will require a minimum of 100 feet of straight-line clearance for the 40FT and 45FT storage containers. All of this information is detailed with pictures in the BUYERS GUIDE tab under the Delivery Guidelines.

Entry gate widths need a minimum of 10 feet and over hanging branches or other overhead obstructions should be a minimum 14 feet. Sometimes extra clearance is needed at the drop location in order that the truck bed may be raised up for unloading.

Shipping containers are delivered using tilt bed trucks and a type of trailer that has the capacity to place your storage container onto your location. The truck’s bed or trailer is elevated up until the end of the container is lowered to ground level. The delivery truck then slowly moves forward allowing the container slowly slide off onto the ground. The experienced drivers have the experience to position your container precisely where you need.

If the customer has the ability to unload their storage container by themselves with a forklift or crane, you should inform your salesman, as AmericanConex might possibly offer you a discount on the delivery charges, especially in situations where the container is transported from a long distance away.

The most important thing that you need to think about is ensuring that the surface of the resting surface is level, firm, and even. Delivery trucks can unload your container onto a cement, pavement, asphalt or gravel surface, but we recommend placing concrete cinder blocks or used railroad ties under each container’s corner to elevate the container bottom off of the ground. This space will permit air to circulate under the container floor and makes the container easier to get underneath if you ever need to relocate its position.

We ask that all shipping container purchases be paid for in full, before the delivery. We accept personal and business checks, electronic payments like wire transfer and ACH payments, Bank deposits, Visa and MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Zelle payments.

We offer discounts to senior citizens, Military personnel (both active and retired) and federal government employees. Please use your applicable coupon code at the time of checkout:

SENIOR: 5% discount OFF order total

MILITARY: 5% discount OFF order total

GOVT: 5% discount OFF order total

Don’t qualify under any of these categories?
No problem, you are eligible for a 2.9% discount off of your total purchase by paying with one of our” cash like” payment options such as ACH, Wire, Check, or bank deposits.

Any person may own a shipping container without a permit. No, the container does not need to have any ownership documents transferred to your name. Nor does your storage container need to be registered.

You should check with your local municipality if a storage container is allowed in your residential area however. The serial number identification that is printed on all four sides (the BIC code) is used as a unique identifier for the container during international shipping and for storage indexing inside cargo ports.

Unfortunately, we at AmericanConex Depot do not offer container modification services at this time. The reason being is due to that fact that we sell as a wholesaler, therefore our containers are delivered direct from the cargo container depots and ports where the inventory of containers is stored.

The good news for the new container owner is that conex containers are easy to renovate yourself. Start a custom DIY renovation project on your new container!