Shipping Container Workshop

Shipping containers are one of the most versatile products available when it comes to construction projects. They’re relatively cheap to purchase, extremely durable, secure, portable, easily modified and perhaps the best point: sourcing a shipping container for sale near you has never been easier thanks to our zip search feature.

The height of a standard shipping container is 8ft 6in, which allows enough head room for most people to stand and work comfortably. If you need some additional overhead space you might consider purchasing a high cube container instead, which is 9ft 6in tall. The standard width of a shipping container being 8ft allows for one person to sit at a work bench while another can pass on a walkway without interrupting any work.

One project that’s gaining popularity both for personal and commercial use is the shipping container workshop. We’ve seen shipping containers used as wood working shops, engineering shops, welding shops, sand blasting shops, paint shops, mechanical workshops, metal fabrication shops and machine shops. The common design feature in most of these is a long work bench and plenty of storage space. The use of a double door shipping containers allows both ends to be opened, allowing lots of light and air flow for increased ventilation.

Shipping container workshops are also being utilised by many companies is an on-site tool container. These are used for planned shut downs on plant maintenance projects. The container can be pre-loaded with everything needed for the project, then delivered to a work site. A 20ft shipping container has a maximum gross weight of 67,000 lbs, which allows for a net load weight or around 62,000lbs.

Your choice when buying a new or used shipping container really comes down to two issues: aesthetics and price. If you need the exterior to look new and you don’t like the idea of your workshop having rust and dents; you’re best off purchasing a new one trip container. The second issue to consider is your budget. All shipping containers are made from durable corrosion resistant Corten steel, so they’re going to last a long time, but new one trip containers are about double the price of used shipping containers.

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