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Atlanta serves as an inland shipping container depot and a prominent transportation hub for intermodal Conex boxes. Situated in the southeast of the USA, Atlanta’s extensive network of railroad freight routes and interstate highways establishes it as a pivotal hub for container shipping in the country. The Conex Depot Atlanta container storage facility is conveniently located in ZIP 30315, specifically south of the 42 and in proximity to South Atlanta and Lakewood Heights.


Atlanta Shipping Container Construction Projects:

An Atlanta-based nonprofit called ReJuve has recently launched “Plug-In-Pods,” a project that repurposes steel shipping containers into affordable housing and business spaces in low-income communities. The initiative began as a crowdfunding campaign to build a prototype and eventually secured a contract in the 31-acre Pittsburgh Yards development in the Southside BeltLine corridor.


The Annie E. Casey Foundation engaged ReJuve to create two container buildings, known as Plug-In-Pods, for the mixed-use Pittsburgh Yards project in Southwest Atlanta. While one of the pods will serve as an office space, the other two are designated for storage. The courtyard between them will be transformed into an outdoor community meeting space.


Building contractors find shipping container buildings appealing as they can quickly activate a site with these pods, generating immediate income. Furthermore, these structures can easily be moved if necessary to make way for future development. Some estimates even suggest that constructing a space using repurposed containers takes half the time and cost of a conventional building.


In Atlanta, the idea of using shipping containers for creative projects extends beyond affordable housing. According to food and restaurant guide book Zagat, new restaurants in Atlanta are considering converting these containers into food and beverage vendors. The reduced construction cost compared to traditional bricks and mortar spaces is a major advantage. For instance, Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand opened its second location in 2014, featuring an entire second floor constructed from a Conex container.


Another notable example is Fox Bros. Bar-B-Que, which opened the humorously named “Que-Osk” in 2015. Situated in the Armour Yards complex, this Atlanta-based barbecue restaurant renovated a used cargo container to create a unique and cool place to enjoy a meal. The decision to use a shipping container was primarily driven by cost, with the added benefit of ease of relocation should the restaurant ever need to close.


The Atlanta area is seen as an ideal location for shipping container homes due to its mild climate. These homes can be designed to be cool in the summer and well-insulated during colder winter months. The portability of empty Conex boxes also allows for deployment in remote rural locations, providing fully functional homes for urban or rural living. Additionally, the flexibility of Conex container homes allows for renovation and conversion in urban locations before transporting them to their final housing lots.


Inspired by seeing old shipping containers converted into homes, an Atlanta resident named Glen Donaldson decided to build his own dream home. He found an affordable lot in an area zoned for modern houses and worked with an architect to design the home using sea containers. The project involved constructing a three-story townhome with a drive-under garage using six high-cube containers, which offer more spacious high ceilings compared to standard containers with lower heights.


The movement to repurpose shipping containers in Atlanta showcases the innovation and creative potential of these structures, bringing affordability and sustainability to various projects throughout the city.

Atlanta National Highway Intermodal Transportation Routes:

Atlanta’s six interstate highways I-20, I-75, I-85, I-285, I-575, and I-675 move a lot of shipping containers every year in and out of the metropolitan Atlanta area.
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the primary freight network routes in an around Atlanta include: Primary Highway Freight System (PHFS) Routes, I16 – I75 ending at 2.28 Miles East of I516, I95 – FL/GA Line ending at GA/ SC Line, I75 – I16 ending at GA/TN Line and I20 – AL/GA Line ending at GA/SC Line.

Atlanta Railroad Conex Container Shipping Routes:

The city of Atlanta is a hub in the Georgia railroad system which includes 28 freight railroads, including two Class 1 railroads: Norfolk Southern and CSX. Atlanta is the most important business and shipping center for the southeast region of the USA. The metropolitan area of Atlanta plays a major role in freight transport from coastal Georgia throughout the Southeast region and is a major distributor of raw materials and consumer goods throughout the United States.

The State of Georgia Department of Transportation in their Statewide Freight & Logistics Action Plan 2010-2050, organized state of Georgia’s highway network into corridor categories. The priority freight is transported on the Interstate System and is separated into seven corridors.
Most of these corridors intersect within the City of Atlanta: Savannah-to-Atlanta Corridor, Atlanta-to-Tennessee Corridor Gateway to the Midwest, Atlanta-to-South Carolina Corridor Gateway to the Mid Atlantic and Midwest, Macon-to-Florida Corridor Connection and the Atlanta-to-Alabama Corridor.

Atlanta railroads Statistics on Shipping Container movement according to the ACCG figures in 2012 – Number of railroads: 23 (U.S. rank: 13th), Miles of railroad: 4,700 (U.S. rank: 7th), Tons carried by rail: 196.5 million (U.S. rank: 15th). There are major rail yards in Atlanta, East Savannah, Waycross and Intermodal terminals in Atlanta, Savannah and Fairburn. Atlanta’s main export businesses that utilize shipping containers Transportation Equipment Manufacturing, Air Transportation, Merchant Wholesalers and non-durable Goods. The top ranking countries for Atlanta exports are: Brazil, China and Mexico.

Georgia is one of America’s top 15 exporting states, following leaders like Texas, California, New York, and Washington. In 2019, Georgia shipped a diverse range of products worldwide, including aviation equipment, gas turbine parts, chemical wood pulp, mid-sized automobiles, kraftliner paper, frozen poultry, natural gas, cotton, modems, and other transmission devices. Prominent Atlanta-based companies, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, UPS, Cox Enterprises, Georgia-Pacific, NCR Corporation, and The Home Depot, heavily rely on cargo shipping containers for their operations.


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