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Kansas City is an inland shipping container depot location and transportation hub where intermodal Conex boxes are transported both by rail and road throughout the city. The Conex Depot Kansas City container storage facility is located at zip 66106 between the Kansas River and the rail yards. Kansas City is geographically centrally located in the MidWest and its extensive network of both railroad freight routes and interstate highway system make Kansas City a hub for container shipping in the USA.


Popular Shipping Containers Uses in KS:

Entrepreneurs in Kansas City have developed some interesting new businesses using repurposed shipping containers. The Iron District is a collection of assorted restaurants, food and beverage vendors, also featuring boutique shops, a wellness center and a co-working space – all using converted shipping containers. The developer originally operated a food truck and got the idea to build a food and entertainment area out of used, steel shipping containers as the concept for Iron District. The Iron District is located in North Kansas City at E. 16th Avenue and Iron Street.

Kansas City National Highway Intermodal Transportation Routes:

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the primary freight network routes include: Route No I35 OK/KS Line, Route No I35 Kansas City to KC, Missouri Line, Route No I135 Route 135 to I70, Route No I70 – KS4L CO/KS Line The port of Kansas City is an inland port on the Missouri River in the state of Missouri. The port is central to major railroads, highways and interstates and the port facility is one of the biggest storage and distribution centers around the Missouri River. Kansas City Intermodal Parks are the main conduits for the state’s extensive rail and highway infrastructure. The Kansas City region is an ideal location for intermodal activity as it offers manufacturers and distributors direct transport access to the Midwest’s largest population centers.

The four intermodal parks in the Kansas City region provide companies with a wealth of options for product and inventory warehousing, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities that are situated near a centrally located transportation hub.Examples are: I-49 Logistics Center, KCI Intermodal Business Center, Logistics Park Kansas City and Northland Park.

Shipping Container Homes and Tiny Homes in Kansas City:

Housing developers are looking to create new housing options, affordable apartments, custom homes and tiny homes out of repurposed shipping containers. Kansas City’s Planning Commission approved plans to build a three-story apartment building in 2020, constructed of recycled shipping containers in KC’s west side. The affordable housing project will be comprised of four buildings on a tract at 29th and Madison. The plan is to create 48 small apartments with a rent of approximately $750 per month. For prospective homeowners, Kansas City custom home builders offer 20’, 40’, 45’, and 53’ custom built container homes.

Shipping container homes offer the advantages of being affordable, transportable, and eco-friendly with the added bonus of faster build time and durability. For people with a minimalist, sustainable living philosophy, it is possible to convert a cargo container into a Tiny House. Recycled cargo storage containers appeal to budget conscious builders who value an environmentally-friendly home and recycling of materials to create a unique living space. Tiny shipping container homes are designed to be watertight, durable, and weather-resistant. Since steel sea container are stackable, they can be easily configured and expanded according to the needs of the tiny house builder.

Kansas City National Railroad Intermodal Transportation Routes:

Twenty freight railroads operate in the state of Missouri, carrying the fourth largest amount of freight tonnage in the nation. Kansas City is ranked as the second largest rail transportation center in the nation which moves the equivalent of more than 21 million truckloads per year. CLASS I RAILROADS include: BNSF – BNSF Railway Company, CP – Canadian Pacific Railway Company, KCS – Kansas City Southern Railway, NS – Norfolk Southern Railway Company and UP – Union Pacific Railroad.

Kansas City is an intermodal hub for freight as consumer goods and raw materials ship in containers that are carried on both trucks and trains. Ian Jefferies, president of the Association of American Railroads indicates nearly half of the railroad traffic now is intermodal. Kansas City is experiencing a warehouse boom with building near intermodal sites, on the edges of the metropolitan area.
An estimated 40 million square feet of industrial space since 2012 to service the E-commerce fulfillment centers, consumer product distribution, and business to business distribution. Traditional manufacturers and industries are also looking for warehouse space.

In 2018, Kansas City’s largest export was agricultural crops at $2.3 billion, or 31 percent of the metro’s exports. Transportation equipment was the next-largest export at $2 billion. Computer and electronic products, chemicals, and food and related products rounded out the top five. Other leading categories include chemicals ($2.5 billion), food and kindred products ($1.4 billion) and non-electrical machinery ($1.4 billion). Kansas City shipped a third of its exports to Canada, followed by Mexico, China, Japan and the United Kingdom. The main industries that export utilizing Conex box shipping from Kansas City are: Agricultural Crops, Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Animal Health, Biosciences, Food Processing, Logistics and Distribution.

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