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Should have bought this long ago!

This storage container is what I’ve always needed and didn’t know it. It has solved so many problems I had with lack of storage space. I was always looking for a place to put something and even considered selling my house. Now I have loads of storage space! Loving the service from American Conex too – the purchase was so easy!

Mark Kosky / Lansing, MI
Shipping Containers for Sale

I am delighted with the assistance from my knowledgeable salesman, Paul. The container is spacious, offering ample room, and the flawless paint finish beautifully complements my home. Many thanks for your exceptional service I received from the delivery team at also! I highly recommend American Conex. 

Skye, Williams / Jacksonville, FL
40 high cube container

American Conex has become my regular supplier. What I like the most is their reliable customer service. No matter where my job site is I know I can rely on their team to deliver a conex container to me quickly. I don’t need to price check them either because I know they always give me the best deal

Dennis Davis | 3D HVAC
40 foot shipping container

I’ve accumulated quite a collection of household items throughout the years. Looking back, I realize we should have invested in this container much earlier. We went for the double door model, which provides convenient access from both ends and opens up like a tunnel. Now, with both doors open, finding everything is a breeze. I’m also using it as a home workshop. Five stars

David Smithen / Dallas, TX
used conex containers for sale

We purchased our container five months ago now, and let me tell you, the pure joy of opening it up and seeing what’s inside is absolutely amazing. I know that sounds silly, but we had so much clutter and I’m so happy to have it out of the house. I have to say, the people at American Conex really blew me away with their exceptional customer service. They were so friendly, honest, and professional the whole time. Sure, there was a little hiccup with the delivery that caused a delay, but in the end, the container arrived in perfect condition.

Peggy Carter / Farmer's Insurance
used storage containers for sale

Just got my new container and I’m blown away! 💯 Amazing amount of space, sleek design, and top-notch functionality. And the best part? It’s a total steal at under $3,500 delivered! I may get a second one actually. Wish I had made this purchase sooner. The whole process was surprisingly hassle-free too. Thanks team

Debbie Griffiths | Eco Organic Farms
new shipping container

American Conex provided an outstanding service when I purchased a shipping container. Their customer support was excellent, promptly addressing all my queries. The container was of high quality, sturdy and ideal for my storage requirements. Delivery was punctual and smooth and the driver took his time to put it exactly where I wanted it. I highly recommend American Conex for their quality, affordable shipping containers.

David Hernandez / Houston, TX
20' shipping container for sale

These Conex containers really do offer great value for money. I compared the cost to building a barn and this is far cheaper. There’s not many contractors around to build a barn where I am, so the price of labor is really high, if you can even find someone to do it. The container was delivered about a week after I pulled the trigger and it’s ready to use immediately. Very happy with my purchase. 

Thomas Rhodes / Norfolk, VA

Check out this beauty! It was a great price and fit our space perfectly. The driver who set it did a great job. He called us prior to delivery and was on time! The price of Conex containers has actually come down since the record high of covid time when there was a shortage, so we’re using them for our business storage now. We like that they are secure and water tight. We can also move them easily as needed with a forklift. American Conex are the best. 

Petra & Sandy / Ceramics Outlet
40ft shipping container

This 40ft container made our church renovation a whole lot easier! With its ample interior space and security lock box, all our belongings remain clean, dry, organized and secure. The consistent cooling and excellent airflow make it a truly refreshing space, so we will use it as a workshop when the renovation is complete.  We have high hopes for its long-term durability.The whole purchase and delivery experience with American Conex was flawless too! The driver was not only professional but also incredibly friendly, completing the job professionally!

Donald Miller / Lansing, MI
used conex for sale

I purchased a used working 40ft reefer for temporary site storage of produce on our organic farm. The unit is fine, with the only drawback I have found so far is the fact that the doors are a little hard to open and close. I guess this comes with the territory of a used container. Be sure to do your research first before buying one of these. I didn’t know I needed 3 phase power for a reefer. That was my fault though – I should have researched it better before buying. Great experience overall. 

Jess Williams / Sonoma, CA
used shipping containers for sale

I recently purchased a shipping container for export from American Conex and was thoroughly impressed. They organized the inspection survey/certificate service and provided clear, concise information about the process. It was my first time to export a shipping container, so it was great to have the professional team from American Conex there to assist. The container itself was robust and well-maintained, meeting all international standards for export. Delivery was timely, adding to the overall seamless experience. For anyone seeking a stress-free export solution, I highly recommend American Conex’s shipping containers. They truly deliver on quality, service, and value.

John Malins / Seattle, WA

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